Your Global Partner for Building Products and Services
Your Global Partner for Building Products and Services

The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.        Charles Dickens



Chateau Global was formed on over twenty years of experience with major brands in the construction industry globally.  Integrating consistent, clear communication alongside a network of global relationships to support developers, builders, architects, and homeowners with their residential and commercial project.  We work to provide excellent service to our manufacturers by helping them secure foreign distribution partners; we are an experienced resource for architects: and we represent and seek diverse lines of quality building products for import and export.


John Fowler


Chateau Global LLC

Chateau Global Products.

  • We consistently look at unique products for the global market we know will provide superior performance and aesthetic preference.
  • We offer the first European All Fiberglass windows and doors in styles, sizes, designed to perform in the elements for your residential or commercial project.
  • We offer the only all pultruded fiberglass shutter system, made in the USA, as a part of a full range of interior/exterior high performing shutters.
  • We will not sell a product we do not believe in and are always looking for new ideas to bring to market.

Chateau Global Services.

  • We import and export unique and quality building products globally and efficiently.
  • We provide materials for both residential and commercial projects from Europe and the USA.
  • We supply product to architects, builders, developers, and homeowners.
  • We align manufacturers with appropriate distributor channel partners.
  • We have a network of contactors allowing us to offer installation services as desired.
  • We work with our network of architects for design and structural services, product recommendations.
  • Communication, experience, and timely delivery are key to our company's success.
  • We believe trust is to be earned not expected.
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