Your Global Partner for Building Products and Services
Your Global Partner for Building Products and Services

Our Philosophy and Founder.

Our Philosophy.

Chateau Global was founded to provide a bridge for businesses to connect with each other across the globe.  We have longtime relationships internationally to assist in supply, installation, and even architectural and design services.  We pride ourselves on offering excellent service, helping small to medium sized business as well as homeowners find distribution partners abroad.  We represent and seek diverse lines of quality building products for both import and export opportunities and continue to keep an eye and ear out for new opportunities.

Founder, John Fowler

John learned early to appreciate diverse and unique cultures around the world.  With twenty years of doing business globally, then relocating to Europe for six years, he knew international business was his passion.  Managing overseas markets for some of the most recognized and reputable building material and window manufacturers in the world inspired and drove him to pursue a dream.  He created a company based on strong relationships, superior service, and products that bring value and confidence from distributor, to installer, to owner.

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