Your Global Partner for Building Products and Services
Your Global Partner for Building Products and Services

Products and Services we offer...

From superior performing, made to order fiberglass systems to professional and experienced global business development consulting. Chateau Global has selects excellent building materials your clients will appreciate, demand, and know will perform for years to come.

Wood and Fiberglass Shutters

  • Full range of interior/exterior shutter products made in Alabama, USA.
  • Only all pultruded fiberglass shutter offered globally allowing maximum performance against the elements.
  • Shutters manufactured of redwood, aluminum, and fiberglass, and PVC.
  • Fiberglass performs against Mother Nature's elements including, sun, heat, corrosion in salt water, and fading.
  • Stainless steel hardware solutions
  • Excellent performance in coastal applications and projects.

Fiberglass Windows and Doors.

  • Full range of all fiberglass windows and doors with wood veneer interior option.
  • Pultruded fiberglass products allow maximum performance against elements of Mother Nature including: color fading, warping, cracking, corrosion, and chalking.
  • Each window is made for you and your project and manufactured in Europe
  • Ecologically responsible products to ensure low carbon buildings. 
  • Superior strength and material expands/contracts same as glass.
  • CE Marked for all European Markets.

Stone facades for interior/exterior.

  • Manufactured stone, brick, and tile bringing character and flavor to residential and commercial projects.
  • Perfect aesthetic design complement on interior and exterior applications.
  • Stone, brick, and tile designs and colors
  • Twenty year manufacturer of stone materials using European quality, design, and colors.
  • Simple installation process for quick and long lasting look to your project.

Global Business Development Consulting

With over twenty years of international experience and global business development, we can help you determine markets to approach, opportunities, and challenges.  Where should export to?  What is our best opportunity?  Opportunistic?  Strategic growth?  Manufacture abroad?  Reach out to us as your consultative experts.

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